Dating when you are in your 20's is a much different experience than dating when you are in your 30's or 40's. When you are in your 20's you are less picky. You do not have a lot of requirements. Any guy who is semi good looking will do. He does not even have to be that good looking, he has to not gross you out and have a decent personality.

Dating during this time in your life is the best. You feel thrilled when you see your love, the slightest touch gives you chills. You are full of expectations. You write poetry about your love and you get dressed up when you will see him. You buy special perfume and tell all your friends about how great your boyfriend is.

When you are a little bored in the relationship, you just break up and find someone new. There are plenty of places where you can meet your next date which may turn into a boyfriend. You can meet them at school or work, or at a bar. You can use online dating websites, where you flirt with them while "chatting" or you may even talk to them over services like Skype by using the CAM on your computer. If you do not like the way they look, or the quality of their conversation, you can just go on to the next person. You can have fun with your dates, go to different places, have great conversations. Life is great. You should probably look for a life partner during this time.

Dating during your 30's, is not as much fun. There are not too many opportunities to meet men. Going to nightclubs and bars also is not as fun, because there are too many young people around and you feel a bit ridiculous from time to time. During your early 30's it's not so bad, but during your late 30's it starts to really annoy you. You find that the music in nightclubs and bars is too loud. You have become one of those old people who no longer blast music when driving.

There is also the pressure to get married and have kids, when you are in your 30's. You are pickier with the people you date. You'd like them to be financially stable and have a good character, because you are viewing them as the possible "daddy" candidates (to father your future children).

The problem is that while you are pickier, you are also less desirable by men because you are older and you are likely to be not as good looking because you have wrinkles and may have put on a few pounds. Plus, many of the men around you are already married, or are interested in younger women.

Dating during your 40's is a bit better than dating in your 30's. You no longer have the pressure of needing to get married to have kids. You can still have kids of course, but you probably think you can not so any man who wants to have kids with you is a happy surprise. You have lower expectations. You no longer require that the man have a good job, any old job will do. Heck, he might not even have to work at all.

The best part about dating in your 40's is that you do not care about what people around you think, especially your parents. Plus they are older now, so they do not bug you as much. This age group does have its problems though, when you finally do find a man to date, he will probably have kids, and they will not like you.

Source by Deborah Page