Does the government really help with credit card debt consolidation or does it just look that way? Many American consumers are seeking ways to eliminate or reduce their debt. They look to the thousands of debt consolidation programs available to provide much needed relief from mounting debt. Although heavily advertised, government consolidation may be much different than it appears.

Think again before thinking that a government sponsored debt consolidation program is the answer to your money problems. Unfortunately putting the word government in a credit card debt reduction ad is not illegal it is just a partial truth. It is nothing more than an advertising gimmick that catches peoples' eye. The internet is crawling with advertisements that suggest that the government has grants and programs that provide assistance to those looking for credit card debt consolidation. The truth is that the government does provide financial assistance and consolidation programs, just not for the primary purpose of credit card debt relief.

The government provides grant assistance for certain basic necessities and a few other things. Debt relief is typically available for low income families to pay necessary costs such as rent, utilities, health insurance costs, or food. The government assistance offered to those who need it is not a new concept, its just being advertised differently. There is a distinct difference between federal aid and government consolidation programs.

Typically government consolidation is available for student loan consolidation and mortgage assistance. Consolidation and assistance may be disguised as a debt consolidation. If the ad is properly researched it will be quickly discovered that these government programs offer relief for certain specific instances such as; to consolidate several expensive student loans into one or to provide lower mortgage rates to homeowners to prevent foreclosure. In reality, the government is providing direct relief for one thing that is indirectly affecting another. When student loans are less expensive students can pay their credit card bill, which in turn relieves their debt. A government consolidation can be very easily advertised and viewed by unsuspecting people as a government credit card debt consolidation offer. This is not exactly the case.

The idea of ​​the government offering debt consolidation is a part truth. The government offers assistance for other areas of debt which in turn allows people the opportunity to lower their bills to pay off their credit card debt. Applying for government assistance for the purpose of reducing credit card debt relief is not going to get your application a stamp of approval. It is best that consumers not waste their time looking for this type of relief, but rather concentrate their efforts on something that truly exists.

Source by Seamus McKenzie