Corsica this French island is situated in the Med close to Italy. It is a favorite holiday destination for sailors from nearby countries, as well as the French. As with any destination in this region, it is best to visit Corsica outside of the peak vacation season, as you will struggle to get space, even at anchorages. June and September are probably the best months, with warmer water to be expected in September.

The scenery is beautiful, the sailing is great and the harbor life, a special experience, unlike anything in the Caribbean or Pacific islands.

One of the best things to love about Corsica is its Mediterranean weather. During summer, it can be reliably hot and warm. In winter, the atmosphere turns mild and rainy. The vegetation provides life to the woodlands and forests of this small island. Down the slopes, meanwhile, you can take your pick among the different beaches that surround the area and the magnificent long coastline, making sailing in Corsica a great activity to do.

Take your sailing charter to the Gulf of Sagone. It's mainly composed of curvy sandy beaches that reach up to Capo di Feno and Punto di Cargese. You can then proceed to Gulf of Liscia, which is filled with numerous historical sites such as the ruins of Castellu di Capraja or the 17th-century watchtowers of Genoa. When you're looking for some privacy in the gulf, you will not have a hard time looking for one. There will always be a good sheltered spot near the beach. The gulf is also located near Cinarca, which is renamed for its wine production. You can also begin there for a little side trip to the towns of Calcataggio and Sari d'Orcino.

The Gulf of Porto in Corsica can give you some good adventures during your vacation. You can climb to its rugged mountains or visit the Scandola Reserve, Piana calanques, and the Ascent of the Capo of Orto, which is composed of impressive rambles. You can also go sailing in Corsica through this water until you can reach Grotta di Nereo, which is the largest cave submerged in the Mediterranean Sea. Other places to explore will include Dei Portici, Grotte di Punta Salinetto, and Grotta Belvedere.

Bonifacio also offers a perfect venue for some cruising in Corsica. This quaint town gives shelter to numerous fishing ports and the sailing harbor. If you want to take some rest from cruising, you can go to the marina, high town, or the Citadel. You can also take a short history of its people form the Saint-Dominique Church or the Old Town. Moreover, you may want to buy some excellent finds or have a meal at any of its neighboring towns, like the Pass of the Trinity and the Semaphore of Pertusato.

A Corsica tour will never be complete without staying in La Maddelana. Its Piazza Umberto I is bustling with life activity. You can stroll around Garibaldi before you embark on another cruise through the port of Banchina Commerciale I. Via Garibaldi is rich with lots of business shops, bars, and restaurants.

Source by D. Browall