Many banks today are limiting lending of money because there is an increase in the number of defaulters. Some banks refuse to lend loans even to people with good credit history. Another reason is that there are various options today when it comes to loans, since people have become choosy. There are many reasons why loan applications are denied today.

One of the most common reasons for banking institutions to reject loan application is poor credit rating. Any banking institution will consider this a risk; since, it is important to control the damage to get into good books with banks. However, if you have good credit rating, yet the bank rejects your application, then there could be several reasons to that.

One reason could lie with the application form. In case the form is submitted with blank fields, then the bank will assume that you did not comprehend it. Even inapplicable fields have to be filled.

Another reason could be the writing. In cases where the application form is filled by hand, then the handwriting should be legitimate. Poor hand writing is difficult to read hence may be rejected.

Another reason is financial disclosure. Most banking institutions usually inquire about your financial status to know if you are eligible for a loan. They will need to know the progress of your account including all debts. Therefore, it is important to give all the necessary details to be assisted faster.

Inaccuracy is another reason. Some people are usually embarrassed to dislose some personal information. They may end up lying or omitting. However, if the bank instructions that that information should be added, then it means that the information may determine your eligibility for a loan.

There are other minor reasons that cause a loan to be refused depending on the debt to be offset. If the reason for a loan is to offset gambling debts, then the banking institutions may not be ready to give t.

Source by Kelly M Jones