How do you start the day? A wash? Combing your hair? Sometimes grab that first cigarette (shame on you) or patting the dog and greeting the guest. Or do you rush for that perfect coffee? I do!

That is how, in fact, the day starts for many people through the world. An espresso. A latte or a cappuccino. A deliciously warm and inviting, smooth, rich, roasted coffee. I can taste it now.

And it's not all about "addiction." Coffee is surprising in many respects. It can sooth the taste buds while simultaneously exciting them. It can calm and invigorate. A perfect start to any day? Well, almost.

Despite popular belief, coffee is actually refreshing. Tea lovers will wonder how, but coffee, indeed, reaches those parts that need reaching. There is nothing to beat the taste.

Let's not forget the smell, the aroma, the bouquet. You can detect the aroma in the kitchen from last night's coffee. But when the machine is fired up and ready to roll, that beautiful aroma pervades the working space, nay, the whole house. I would be lost without it and am lost within it.

Even the noise the coffee maker makes soothes and enchants – like gently falling rain or a firm breeze. Coffee making and drinking quickly becomes an experience (and even a religion) for those that study it.

And study it they do! A friend of mine lives and breathes coffee. He will tell you the history, the intrigue, the passions and the hopes. From the early beginnings to the rosy future. Coffee has it all.

But, that first cup is always the best.

Source by Dr.