Choosing a menu for your restaurant is one of the most important aspects of the entire industry and helps to set the foundation for a successful establishment. All too often, the vast importance of selecting just the right menu is overlooked or not given the proper attention it deserves.

If you’re at the point of choosing a menu for your restaurant then you’ve probably already decided upon a certain type of cuisine to serve. Varying your menu to some degree can greatly help to keep your establishment competitive, but just be sure to continue offering some favourites to keep the regular customers coming back for more on a consistent basis.

Pricing, in terms of printing and production costs, is one of the biggest factors to consider carefully when it comes to choosing a menu that will not only be appealing, but one that will also help to realize a decent profit at the same time.

When determining a fair price to pay for new menus, keep in mind that restaurant menus should be functional as well as attractive. If your establishment will be dimly lit you would want to have bigger text with readable colors while a menu with multiple items in each category might need to have smaller print to accommodate everything.

Menu Pricing

The price you intend to charge for the items you’ll be offering customers is yet another important factor involved with choosing a menu for a restaurant. Of course you will want to consider the type of clientele you intend on catering to in order to keep your prices both competitive and reasonable, which will also help to dictate the how much you’ll be able to charge for each item such as beverages, entrées, specials-of-the-day, and side orders or appetizers.

And although you might want to offer your prize winning stew to customers, first consider the ingredients needed as well as the preparation time when deciding if it would be a cost effective choice.

There are a few different formats to follow when it comes to choosing a menu and its pricing structure, however, the most simplest is determining the exact price of making one serving of each item and then tripling that number to allow for overhead costs such as wages and operating fees.

Menu Formats

Most people prefer menus that are designed in easy to discern sections, allowing them to quickly scan what’s available and place their orders without having to weed through too much confusion. Although you’ll definitely want to have enough variety to keep diners happy and interested, having too many choices can be overkill leaving customers bewildered.

Many menus begin with a section devoted to appetizers followed sometimes by beverages with a separate section for alcoholic drinks, both of which are usually the first items ordered, while some might continue on to the main entrée section followed by separations for seafood, pasta dishes, or other similar groups.

If families and children are a part of your customer base, be sure to have a section with smaller portions and choices that would appeal to the younger set.

Doing some research to learn what trends are doing the best is always a smart idea when it comes to choosing a menu, especially for a brand new restaurant. And, it’s also wise to include dietary and nutritional details as it may be required in some instances and people will appreciate having this information without asking, making your menu completely customer friendly.

Source by Laura O’Connell