Today Susan told me that she got breast cancer again. She has only been out of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for ten months. The tumor is back again. It breaks my heart to hear that. I know she has a five year old daughter.

Susan is a good friend of mine. I know here since high school. I also know her lovely daughter Mary. Mary is just five years old but she already understands that her mother has a serious disease. Susan had a very hard time telling her what has happened again. That the cancer has returned. That she is very sick. How can a child handle all that?

I do not even want to imagine what this means to this family again. After the first shock I told Susan what I always tell women with breast cancer. There are even stage IV breast cancer victims that still survive for many years and live a rich life. This has not been to be the end. Susan has to live.

It is important to fight and not to give up. It is important to stay enthusiastic against all odds. I am a strong believer in the healing power of our body. Today every doctor will tell you that positive and joyful thoughts improve your overall health and strengthen your immune system.

I know it is difficult. It seems almost impossible to stay happy facing a deadly disease. But exactly at this point, right now, your body needs you. Everybody can be happy if everything is ok. So, do not give up. Enjoy every day. Do not regret anything. Life live to the full.

Source by Roselyn Capen