Lately everyone is interested in "Branding". People brand their products, services, businesses and even themselves. However it seems that we all have our own concept of what branding means. So what does branding mean and how does it apply to your child care business.

The late James Davis, then NYC Councilman for the 35th Council District in Brooklyn, once told me that his goal was to have such a high name recognition that seeing his name in print, without pictures, would conjure up, in the minds of the public, an image of himself and all of his good works in the city council. He used as an illustration the Nike brand. When you see the Nike name or even just the symbol, most of us immediately think about top quality sneakers and sports ware worn by the best athletes in the world. Many of us desire to emulate that image.

If you provide poor, un-reliable services, or bad attributes in your child care business, the letterheads, logos and trinkets that you distribute will only serve to remind people to avoid using your service. Similarly, if you project self confidence, an open and caring demeanor, demonstrate love and concern for each child, provide dependable quality service, with a glad to serve you attitude, your business will stand out in the crowd and grow almost effortlessly, by word of mouth. If you are consistently providing services in these ways, call it what you may, you will have branded your child care business.

In my mind, what we have labeled branding, is essentially talking about your reputation. While this may not be as glamorous a definition as the media would portray, looking at it in this light will help you to understand the importance of consistently providing quality services. When you provide outstanding services your letterhead, logo or trinkets with your names embossed on them, will then continuously remind people of the brand that you have created. You actually create your brand by the quality of service that you provide daily.

Source by Freddie Hamilton