This is one of the more creative parts of a blog Selecting a suitable blog name can be fun and imaginative. Not everyone has a domain name from a website, but if you do include this in the thoughts for your blog name. Remembering even just a little thing like naming your blog this is how your readers find you.

I associate my blog with the learning process of making money on the Internet, creating an income. Blogging plays a major roll in this part for me.

Naming your blog should portray your tone and your content. Let me show you an example, lets say Julie wanted to name her blog and really she did not use much imagination and chose a simple name like "Julie's Blog". Now maybe this is a true and accurate name, but it does give you any indication what the blog is about? Now Julie really wanted to talk about her dogs. Julie has the cutest dogs and loves them so much that she wanted to share her photos etc with the world. A more accurate Blog Name would be "Julie's Cute Dog Images Blog", or to shorten "Julie's K-9 Images" or "Cute K-9 Blog". You could really let your imagination have fun with this one. This then becomes shorter more memorable, brief, easy to spell and describes the subject matter. Then add a few good tags at the end like dog photos, cute dogs, cute dog photos etc. Readers looking for cute dog photos etc will have their day lifted with these beautiful photos of Julie's dogs.

Whatever you choose for your Blog Name, remember it is permanent. Changing the name of your blog later on can be confusing for your readers, it wreaks havoc on any of your links and your credibility does not follow the new name.

Make sure your blog name is not already in use, so do some searches, as this also can be confusing for your readers. Please do not choose a name that can be an alter-ego "Julie Queen of Cute Dog photos" or alienating your readers by having a weird names like "Harry's Big Hairy Toe" not the best way to find Harry's Blog who likes writing about his collection of Roses. Harry's hairy toe can be funny for some, but it in many cases would be a site that would not make many readers want to read past the Title.

On your first Blog you may not have it all exactly the way you want everything, and you find that after writing your first blog you had an epiphany and the most fantastic name for your blog pops into your head. By all means start a new blog with the new title and re-write your blog to the new name, but once you start attracting an audience changes are not recommended. So if you have to change your blog name, do it early before your readers are established.

Please choose your Blog Name carefully and thoughtfully. Plan for your Blog Name to be along-term commitment. So use your imagination and have fun Blogging!

Source by Pauline Young