Dinosaurs make one of the best themes for Halloween costumes. They can be scary or cute and work for all ages: babies, kids, teenagers and adults.

Older children can be scary carnivorous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex. There are some great T-Rex costumes. Stegosaurus and Triceratops are easily recognizable favorites too. And Pterodactyl costumes are a superb choice – kids love flapping their wings! You can even get ride-on dinosaurs that make it look like a child is riding a dinosaur (we like those).

Babies and toddlers make very cute dinosaurs. Younger siblings of a dinosaur fan can be dressed as a dinosaur egg. Dinosaur egg costumes are great for all ages – green tights, clawed feet and a Triceratops mask and you have a very cool dinosaur hatching from an egg costume.

Dinosaur Train is hugely popular. How about dressing in a Buddy Costume or a Tiny Costume. For Tiny you can add a plush Tiny like the real Tiny’s doll.

Or how about a dinosaur skeleton costume? A T-Rex or Stegosaurus skeleton is a much more exciting version of the Halloween skeleton classic.

A paleontologist or dinosaur hunter is a great theme too. You can take a basic safari outfit and turn it into a paleontologist costume by adding cool accessories like a replica T-Rex tooth and a spade to dig up dino bones.

Then there’s the volcano costume. We like this idea a lot! Volcano costumes can be very effective and you can accessorize with lots of toy dinosaurs.

Dinosaur costumes are great for boys and they’re great for girls too. There were lady dinos too you know!

If you have a sibling group or a group of friends then you can mix and match these ideas. How about a Paleontologist with a Dinosaur Skeleton! Or a T-Rex and a baby T-Rex hatching from an egg. Or Buddy and Tiny from Dinosaur Train. Or a Volcano and a bunch of dinosaurs. You get the idea!


Source by Terri Rexson