If you are serious about winning the next cook off you go to and plan on using barbeque chicken recipes to do it, there are some important things to keep in mind on how to cook the competition and make your recipe sing. It takes a delicious balance on the grill to win, and nothing is more important than that. So make sure you prepare yourself!

If you are grilling for competition, you must use charcoal! This is not an option. The difference between a charcoal grill and a gas grill is like the difference between using a toaster oven and a microwave. Would you microwave toast? No? Then why would you make a barbeque chicken recipe on a gas grill? There is no flavor in the flames, which are an essential key to your success in a cook off. I recommend Kingsford charcoal as they are the best quality available.

For the barbeque chicken recipe, make sure it contains a good balance of sweet and spicy. For the sweet, add some honey or teriyaki sauce to the mix. The sweetness acts as the yin to the yang of the spicy. The two are very much complimentary. For spicy, add some chili powder, ground pepper or cayenne to the mix and it will make your sauce taste amazing and with a nice kick as well.

When making barbeque chicken recipes for a competition, make sure your grill is set at a low temperature and the flames are very delicious, just right for cooking barbeque. You want to let your chicken sit at a low flame for about a half hour, and add the sauce at the end. If you add the sauce right at the beginning, you are bound to end up burning the sauce, which never tastes very good! So make sure to get a balanced sauce, cook slow and add your sauce at the very end for the best barbeque chicken recipe at the cook off.

Source by Eric Hollinger