I've often spoken about back pain relief with Pilates as the primary modality in mind. I am a staunch believer for the simple fact that Pilates always works! Take it from me … I have had numerous aches and pains since I was a child. I have not been blessed in the department of "gifted" bones structure. And every now and then I've managed to but luckily I was fortunately to have discovered Pilates.

Pilates is a unique and personalized system designed to condition your body through stretching, strengthening and toning, uniting body and mind to create a more streamlined body shape. The Method of Pilates is a tried-and-true formula of wisdom and fantastic results.

Created over 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates. It has evolved into MIND / BODY focus movement constantly improving its craft with the help of modern anatomy and body movement research. In the final analyzes, we are not merely after a flat stomach and a high touché, but a defect, holistic approach to a sound and balanced life.

Now going back to my aches and pains … Since I was four I have exposed my body to numerous torturous experiences unknowingly harming my delicate structure. It was no ones fault really. I wanted to dance and ballet was the immediate solution to girls my age at that time. It was the "in" thing.

Ballet was supposed to straighten my weak back. The intention was noble. But the long-term effect was anything but helpful. Ballet is a beautiful and graceful expression of art but the rigorous training of extreme "turn outs" and "contourions" make it unforgiving to the body's skeletal structure. Aside from ballet I have done like most youngsters, try various sports which I would enjoy and sometimes even pick up in the long run. You know some sport, which I could call mine and hopefully tell a tale that I did this … to my grandschildren!

Anyways … I've done all the sports and am over the ballet. Or should I say retired from dancing what a journey! But now I see the damage I've done to my joints. Backaches after wearing three -inch stilettos. Or was it four? My buttocks hurting after a long drive. They make themselves known in those seemingly innocent day-to-day activities. Or could it be age? Hahaha. Whether it is chronological or a structural problem Pilates saved my back!

Perhaps you should try a couple of sessions to understand what I am trying to convey. Pilates is best experienced. You will feel lighter, taller and leaner …. minus the pain!

Source by Plinky Recto