Baby showers are a fun way to welcome a baby into the world and are great occasions for the parents-to-be to receive the wishes of all their friends. Usually given by friends and co-workers, baby showers are much more than just a party. They provide a chance for the guests to have a get together and maybe even meet the new baby.

Baby shower parties usually last for 2-3 hours depending on the number of guests and the kind of party. They can have any number of guests from five to more than a hundred. It is a good idea to have a few games in the party, as they are a lot of fun and also act as ice-breakers. They are a good way to interact wherein experienced parents can throw in advice for the parents-to-be. There can be two to four games planned in a baby shower and some small prizes to give the winners. However, the main idea is not to win or lose but to be as creative as possible and to make the party as much fun as possible.

A few common baby shower games are the Name Game (forming words with letters in baby names), Feeding Time! (while blindfolded try to scoop cotton balls), Rice Bowl (try to find safety pins in rice while blindfolded), Baby Guests (match each guest to their baby photo), Baby Bingo (bingo with baby words instead of numbers), Shower Gift Bingo (bingo played during gift opening), Round the Tummy (guests estimate size of mommy's tummy), It's in the Bag (guess what items are only by touch), Off Limits! (certain action or word off limits during shower), Baby Food Game (identifying baby foods based on their appearance), Scrambled (unscrambling baby-related words), Poopy Diaper (guess which candy bars are melted in a diaper) etc.

Before planning the games, it is wise to have all information about the number of guests who are expected to attend the party. All the supplies required for the games such as pens, paper, and other items have to the ready before the guests arrive. Keep a few spare supplies in case more guests turn up than expected. Small prizes can be awarded to the guests, including candles, potpourri, picture frames, food goodies like candy, bath soaps, and decorative flowers.

Source by Damian Sofsian