Being lonely and desperate for love is not a good combination. It's natural to want to be loved. And if you're not in a relationship you're considered single. But feeling lonely and desperate is not the energy you want to put out there when searching for the right man or woman.

If you are feeling a love void within you and you start a new relationship that relationship may at first distract you from your loneliness but eventually it will start to mirror what you feel inside. Why? Love is a state of being. And when individuals own their own awareness of love it permeates all areas of their lives.

However, if you're feeling lonely, disconnected, and isolated from within your own body's energy, you have lost or have yet to find your sense of self that isoted in love. And instead you feel uneasy, fearful and unloved. And then you take that uneasy going feeling out into the dating world looking for someone.

And what do you find … energy that mirrors your own. You attract others who are also neglecting themselves in someway or another. Basically, you're attracting similar energy that is dependent upon an external fix for an internal solution.

It was not so long ago that I found myself lonely and desperate for human connections. My job required me to be on the road five and sometimes seven days a week. This went on for almost a decade. Although I made a lot of money, my social life suffered and dating someone was completely out of the question.

Looking back to that time in my life, I recognize the emotional pain and spiritual disconnect I had within myself. I had wanted someone other than me to fix my life and to take away my loneliness. Ultimately, the pain because so great that I stopped fighting against it and accepted it.

I looked in the most unexpected places … to a person I barely even knew … to a woman who had been badly hurt and emotionally abandoned and I asked for her help. No other thing or relationship could have stepped in and written those journals for me and read those inspirational books through my eyes. No other woman or man could have beaten those tears that only I could cry.

It was not until I stopped fighting against and running away from me did I begin to really see myself. And the person I uncovered benefit all of those superficial layers was a self – a woman – that I had been suffering to meet.

Today, it does not matter whether I'm single or in a relationship. I'm happy just to be alive and do not waste my time complaining about this or that ex, or about what and who I do not have in my life. I feel fulfilled and grateful for the person I am and no longer look for someone else to distract me from me.

Source by Felecia Townsend