As a divorced man over forty who most likely has commitments and a career, it's a good idea to put together a strategy to meet women over forty. Let's face it, you're not 20 years old anymore and the days of easily meeting hot young women are over.

However, being a divorced man myself, I wrote this article to give you some ideas of how to meet women. I hope you find it helpful.

Target a spot that will have women your own age. Think about where women over 40 hang out at. You could try some internet dating sites to get your foot wet, or night clubs (if you're still into dancing), sports bars, churches, gyms and the places could all be good places to start. Basically, if you're divorced and looking for a woman over 40 then go where those women are.

Do not expect to find a woman immediately. You'll need to "play the field" for a while so to speak. If you continue to go to the places mentioned in step one, odds are you'll find someone. When you do, just develop a relationship with her. Even if you're eager for a woman, do not appear that way. This will make you look desperate and this turns women off.

Seek women who are similar to you. If you are a serious intellectual person, then look for intellectual women. If you're young at heart and full of energy, then look for similar women. And by all means, do not compare any woman you meet to your ex-wife. It'll just make things difficult.

Being over 40 and dating is not difficult, it's just a lot lot different than being 20 and dating. So do not get discouraged if things do not go your way at first, just keep going to the social places listed in step one and you'll find someone soon enough.

When you have found a woman you like, simply ask her out. Just play it cool though and do not worry about it if she says no. Learn to reject rejection. Be confident when you ask her out and do not hesitate when you ask her. Most women like men who are confident and in control, so play the part. With a little practice, you'll soon be able to approach any woman, anywhere and know exactly what to say to get her to say Yes to a date. Being over 40 and dating again is a whole new world, enjoy it.

Source by Shane MM Boyd